Gerontology Minor

Undergraduate Minor Coordinator: Associate Professor Carolyn Adams-Price

The Gerontology Minor provides students with current factual and theoretical data along with practical experience relating to the process of aging. It is a multidisciplinary effort with contributions from a variety of departments cutting across several colleges. Students completing the requirements will earn a minor in gerontology.

This area of study is open to students from all colleges within the University. The Gerontology Minor/Certificate was developed to supplement the student’s chosen major. Undergraduate students wishing to complete the Gerontology minor requirements will select a major in addition to electing 15 hours of gerontology course work.

Undergraduate Minor Requirements: (minimum 15 hours)

HDFS 4403 Introduction to Gerontology
Choose at least three of the following:
COE 4713 Issues in Aging
EP 4123 Aging and Physical Activity
EP 4143 Aging and Disability
HDFS 4813 Adult Development: The Middle Years
HDFS 4863 Consumer Aspects of Aging
PSY 4983 Psychology of Aging
SO 4413 Aging and Retirement in American Society
SW 3023 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
SW 4623 Social Work with the Aged
DIS (could be a Practicum in Aging)
Choose one of the following (may include courses from above):
FNH 3163 Basic Principles of Health Promotion
FNH 3723 Community Nutrition
FNH 4123 Nutrition and Chronic Disease
FNH 4233 Medical Nutrition Therapy
FNH 4353 Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle
HS 3673 Environments for Special Needs
HDFS 4333 Families, Legislation and Public Policy
PSY 3813 Developmental Psychology
SO 4423 Health and Society
SW 3003 Social Work with At-Risk Populations
SW 4633 Social Work in Health Care

Total Hours 15